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How well do you really know the world’s most popular computer software?

Technology is constantly changing - and specifically Microsoft Office. The problem is that Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint are three necessary skills in today’s world. Knowing how to use Office today is about as common as handwriting or learning your native language; just look at any resume these days and you’ll find Microsoft Office proficiency as a requirement. Plus, computer-based jobs are quickly becoming the new normal, making the competition tougher. In this day and age, it’s not enough just to have Microsoft Office at home, to use it once in a while or to casually go years without learning how to correctly use these applications. Here are some key reasons why online Microsoft Office training can improve your job prospects, your work projects and your day-to-day life.

Conquer Any Microsoft Version
Every new version of Office comes with its own layout, new features and learning curve. By getting formal instruction on Word, Excel and Powerpoint, you’ll discover shortcuts to getting comfortable with the layout and powerful features, ultimately saving you time and money down the road. This is especially perfect for people anxious about upgrading to a newer version or to Microsoft 365.
Filling Knowledge Gaps
To get the most out of any software, you need proper training. This is especially true with Microsoft Office. You could master a feature that used to leave you stuck for hours, or you could discover a new shortcut that you never knew existed before.
Save Time And Money
By learning from an industry professional who knows everything about Office, inside and out, you’ll be able to find the fastest and easiest ways to use it. Less clicks of the mouse means time-saved on tasks, better-looking presentations and more accurate data reports.
Microsoft Certifications
Many jobs now want Microsoft Certifications as proof that you have the skills. Learning Microsoft Office gets you ready for the industry exams, whether it’s to boost your resume or put you in line for a promotion.
Meeting Career Goals
Whether you’re getting back into the job market, picking up highly-employable skills, or working your way up at your company, you’re going to need to know Microsoft Office to make it.
Scale Up Your Success
Office training is perfect for corporate team leaders and small business managers. It allows them to cement their own skills, learn features that 99% of Office users don’t use (or know about), and then gives them the tools to effectively train the rest of the staff.

Microsoft Office training that’s on your terms.

Unlike Microsoft Office courses at a college or university, Typesy Teaches Office puts the control entirely in your hands. Every lesson is broken down into manageable chunks of time. No matter how busy your day is, you can add at least one new skill in each sitting. There’s no grades, no busy work and no boring lectures. Instead, you get fast, fun lessons that are immediately applicable to whatever real world projects you’re already working on.

Typesy trainings are perfect for any schedule. Each individual lesson only takes 4 to 8 minutes to complete on average.
While you’re learning all Microsoft Office has to offer, you’ll also achieve dozens of smaller outcomes. Whether it’s using Excel formulas, formatting a Word document or adding dynamic visuals to PowerPoint, you’ll always know exactly what new knowledge you will walk away with that day.
Typesy Teaches Office lets you stop your training at any time to take notes, to repeat a step or to get a refresher. With Mobile and TV access, you can learn Office from just about anywhere.

Perfect for students, entrepreneurs, and professionals too.

Typesy Teaches Office is accessible enough for homeschoolers to get familiarized with Microsoft Office. Any student preparing to use Word, Excel and PowerPoint regularly for school projects will also find these trainings fun and easy to follow. Each course also provides the width of skills and abilities that anyone starting their own online business needs to succeed. These courses also go deep into the most advanced functions and features available, so that professionals who rely on Office for their career can be completely satisfied.

Each training’s directions are so clear, direct and short that a young student can easily turn the instructions into actionable outcomes.
Entrepreneurs learn just how easy (yet essential) it is to use Microsoft Office in creating content and keeping track of finances.
Accountants can learn a new trick or two in the Excel trainings. Writers love the polish of their manuscripts after the Word trainings. Professional Coaches/Speakers can make their PowerPoints really pop!

Follow along...and then do it yourself for practice!

Where applicable, the courses come with articles and downloadable resources so you can actually test your knowledge with real examples and prove to yourself that you've mastered a skill. Unlike other online courses that fill up your head with knowledge and don’t give you a way to learn as you go, each course comes with practice problems and the ability to check your answers when you’re done.

Test your knowledge with practice tests and activities based in real world situations. No pressure of a bad grade - this is all about proving to yourself that you can do this skill.
Our courses help you learn skills at the micro level while actually helping you build something new and creative on the macro level. By the end of a course you won’t have just taken some notes, but you’ll have built something useful that you can add to a CV or portfolio.
Courses take a linear and incremental approach to learning, so that you can consistently work your way from brand-new to master.
Reach out directly to your course instructor for more guidance and ways to make 100% sure you’ve mastered the objectives.

Teachers you can trust.

Typesy Teaches Office only lets you learn from the best and the brightest. Each teacher has decades of experience in the tech industry and with Microsoft Office products in particular; some of them even helped create or refine the software you see today! They’ve taught tens of thousands of students how to become successful with Microsoft Office. Now it’s your turn.

John Bura
John Bura has been a successful instructor since 2011. John Bura has been programming games since 1997 and teaching since 2002. John is the owner of the game development studio Mammoth Interactive.
Alan Murray
Alan Murray is a Microsoft Excel trainer and consultant. He has been training and consulting for the past 20 years for businesses around the world.
Kawser Ahmed
Kawser Ahmed is a full-time data analysis blogger (using Excel & other tools), corporate Excel trainer, and entrepreneur. He loves to make courses in the combination of both theory and practice. He loves to add value to people around him.
Danny Ballan
Danny Ballan is an educational technology designer with an obsession with technology. He has practised as a teacher for over 10 years, and later designed content for a global educational corporation to be used by schools all over the world for more than 6 years.
Brian Jackson
Brian Jackson is an author, publisher, and educator, and a leading expert in MS Office. Since 2014 he has published over 48 online video training courses online. His goal is to provide high-quality screencasts based educational material focusing on his areas of expertise. He also spends a portion of his time maintaining both his website and his wife’s website, which was developed using WordPress.

Track your learning, see your improvement, and feel rewarded.

Typesy Teaches Office is the only MS Office training system to track your learning, so you can see your improvement. You get detailed reports on the time you spend, the courses you do, and how things change over time. You can see your progress and feel motivated and rewarded.

Get detailed analytics on your learning, to help you improve.
Be rewarded and motivated with status levels as you learn.
Customize Typesy with a background image, dark theme, avatar builder, and profile pic.
Easily share you Typesy profile and success on social media.

Go from “what’s Excel?” to master of data-crunching in 1 hour.

If you feel like a deer in headlights whenever you pull up an Excel spreadsheet, then 1 Hour Excel is the course for you. John Bura, Office instructor to over 230,000 total students, gives you a thorough and comprehensive introduction to Excel. You probably know that it has to do with using numbers and figures, but there’s so much more underneath the hood.

What You’ll Learn

Learn how to start a new project, use a sum feature and format a data table to perfection.
Be able to look at your Excel screen and know where everything is (and what it can do for you). No more fear or confusion when you pull up that green ‘X’ icon.
Learn the best practices to manipulating your data for how you need it - and even walk away with a personalized monthly budget spreadsheet!

Walk in a beginner. Walk out with the smarts of an Excel coder.

Whether you’re an accountant learning to pick up some new Excel skills or trying to get into a career that involves data, this 14-hour Ultimate Microsoft Excel Course is the most comprehensive course on Excel. You’ll be able to use formulas, data sets, spreadsheets and charts as good as the developers. You’ll also discover powerful hidden features that almost no Excel user knows about (features that will separate you from everyone else who puts “I know Excel” on their resume).

Instructor Alan Murray has experience in the corporate world (with Excel) and as an entrepreneur, so he’s going to teach you how to apply everything you learn in the context of a career.

What You’ll Learn

Most people only understand a few Excel features. You’ll learn them all - and know the fastest way to get the results you’re after.
Over 20 articles that apply what you’re learning to real-life situations - preparing you for your next career.
Learn how to find the exact number you need in a sea of thousands (or millions) of data points.
Discover how VLOOKUP functions make any Excel user’s life infinitely easier.
Find out how Conditional Formatting can make manipulating data so much easier.

Make your numbers come alive.

Excel is about much more than the hard numbers. You can also take reports and spreadsheets and format them into graphs, charts and other visuals. Kawser Ahmed will show you how to create the 7 most commonly used charts and graphs in business and personal situations.

What You’ll Learn

Take existing data and convert it into the same types of charts and graphs that companies use to efficiently run their businesses.
Integrate WordArt, Images and other graphical elements to make your Excel charts presentable, slick and professional.
Learn how to turn your Excel designs into a template that you can use over again - or to share with coworkers who don’t have your newly-acquired skills.
Become expert at Fill & Line Tools, SmartArt Objects, and every other charting tool in Excel.
Find out how math formulas can interpret visuals so you don’t even have to leave your Excel document to demonstrate the results.

Build a great looking presentation.

PowerPoint Masterclass is your surest ticket to sharpening up those presentation skills and making sure your audience is always impressed. What you learn here can be used as a portfolio if you’re looking for a position or as a hit presentation at work to prove your talents. Instructor Danny Ballan designed a course being used by schools all over the world! Now he’s here to show you the ins and outs of a stunning PowerPoint presentation.

What You’ll Learn

Combine text, video, audio, tables, graphs, 3D models and more in ways that are appealing and informative.
Start with the PowerPoint features you have to know and then work your way up to more complex but important features that only the pros know.
Discover how to add audio clips, video animations, graphics and fancy transitions between slides.
This PowerPoint training is good for 2013/2016/2019 and 365, meaning that no matter what version you use, this training covers it.
By the end of this course, you will have a completed professional and dynamic looking presentation to use as a creative sample or for business reasons.

For a fast, efficient and effective word experience, every time.

Your instructor, Brian Jackson, has made over a half million dollars on self-publishing, rising high on the Amazon Kindle charts. His success all started with Word - now he shows you how deep you can go with this deceptively simple application! After Brian’s course, you’ll never have to wonder what this button or that tab on the main menu does.

What You’ll Learn

Go through the basics of Word formatting, layout and design in an order that builds off of what you learn every time (so the lessons actually stick!).
Go through the entire process of turning a Word document into a professional piece of content.
Learn how to make Word your own, so that you can perform tasks quickly and save time and money.

For serious writers working on large-scale documents or massive text-based projects.

The longer the document, the more headaches and unexpected issues that can come your way. So this course simplifies the formatting, layout, editing and publishing process of your manuscript - whether that’s 10, 100, or a 1,000+ pages long.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll learn all of the same tricks of the trade that publishers use to easily collect and organize large documents.
Illustrations, captions, bookmarks and more - a world of hidden features you didn’t know about!
Make sure you know how to properly add headers, footers and more for a surefire professional edit.

Compare Typesy Teaches Office to other office trainings.

Are you considering a different training of Office? Here’s what you can expect.

Feature Typesy Teaches Office Other Product
Takes you from beginner to advanced in as little as one course. Yes No
Applies to multiple versions of Office Yes No
Available to access by mobile and TV Yes No
Number of courses 146 1-2
Also teaches Google apps Yes No
Also teachers Windows and Mac skills Yes No
Also teaches productivity, job skills, communication, presentation, time management, and more. Yes No
Teaching Format On-Demand Learning On-Demand Only
Look And Feel Latest Technology as of 2021 80s-90s technology
Medium For Learning Online, Cloud-based Books, DVDs or CD-ROMs
Platforms Supported Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chomebook Windows 95, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Trusted certification program Yes No
Stores all typing lessons, progress, and profile in the cloud Yes No
Syncs your learning across all your computers Yes No
Unlimited desktop installs on all your computers Yes No
Social sharing of exercises and results Yes No

Typesy Teaches Office works on all major devices.

Typesy Teaches Office courses are available to use on desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. No inconvenient download requests, hour-long installations or buggy system upgrades - ever. Everything comes out of the box ready to use and without any startup headaches. As soon as you need to do a lesson, Typesy Teaches Office is ready for you.

Compatible with all platforms.

Typesy Teaches Office also works for anyone with Microsoft Office on Macbook, Chromebook, iPhone and Android! Whatever your technology setup, Typesy Teaches Office has you covered!

You also get 146 courses on computer software skills, personal development and work productivity.

Why stop at Microsoft Office? There are so many other computer platforms, softwares and skills to learn that can help you get a better job, do your current job better, complete your own entrepreneurial projects or make a career change. That’s why Typesy Teaches Office also includes over 465+ hours of premium software and productivity training. That’s a $17,429.12 value - and you get it all!

Master The Google Version Of Office
Learn how to use Google suite, and all of its applications. Google platforms are quickly becoming as popular as Microsoft Office. Knowing them both will skyrocket your employability and your skill set.
Learn The Operating Systems
Microsoft and Apple have the leading computer operating systems. Learn the ins and outs of both so that you can work more efficiently in both formats and be able to tackle any personal project or job request that comes your way.
Create Your Website Like A Pro
HTML is one of the most basic and widely-used coding languages on the planet. Learn what it’s all about and use its power to build a website from scratch. Along the way, you’ll know how to create amazing designs with computer coding.
Job Skill Building
Getting the next promotion or new job isn’t always just about the technology. Sometimes it’s also about being good with conversation in an interview, meeting or other business setting. In 4 courses you’ll learn how to become a great communicator and use soft skills to your advantage.
Productivity & Brain Training
So much of success in life comes down to how you use your time. A world-renowned speaker, coach and influencer takes you through several courses on developing daily habits that build positive momentum to your day, training your brain to overcome challenges and find ways to save time and work more efficiently across the board.
Typing Training
Fast typing is an essential skill for any job, career or personal project that involves a computer and keyboard. You get our entire signature program, already used by school districts, teachers, homeschooling coalitions and college students around the world to improve their keyboarding and become incredibly efficient with computer literacy.

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Included Typesy Teaches Office
1-Hour Intro To Excel
Graphing & Charting With Excel
Advanced Excel Formulas, Functions and Coding
Making Dynamic Presentations
Everything You Need To Know About Word
Long-Form Document Formatting
Mac OS and Windows 10 Training
Google Suite Training
HTML Website Creation Course
Making Money From YouTube Videos
Productivity Training
Brain Optimization Masterclass
Typesy Complete Keyboarding Curriculum
Number of Downloadable Resources
146 Total Courses
5105 Lessons
465+ Hours of Content
$17,429.12 Value
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After 30 Days: Only /month

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